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Brief history

More than 20 years ago, our company founders, Frankie Cao, Bernoulli Benz and Cristopher Mallis, started their business in a small office in the center of New York City with only $1,000. Three gentlemen had to work extra hard and went extra miles to find customers and persuade loans from banks. The business had gone through numerous ups and downs but they still held their faith. This was the motivation and the key to their success today.
1998 - Start Up
A finance counseling company named Business Move was found by three you men with the capital of $1,000.
2000 - Stage 01
After one year, their company had expanded to hiring about 95 employees working both full-time and part-time.
2005 - Stage 02
Business Move changed its name to Businext, implicating that their company would be ranked among the top.
2008 - Steage 03
Businext had its own building as the headquarter. The building was named after their founder: Cao Buiding.
2009 - Today
Businext received one of the most prestigious awards for leading companies with brilliant business achievement.